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A charming and elegant approach. I have a player using a custom “Witch” playbook in my Dungeon World sessions. We never had a good approach to how they go about brewing potions, making their poultices, required ingredients, etc. ABC of Alchemy to the rescue. Many thanks!

Thanks for the comment <3 I hope you have a fun time with it!

The first concoction: Ætheling. Transform into the region’s king. (I added that they must state the effect in 5 words or less. :) Of course, the “Æ” isotope ingredient was a “raræ avis.” It had to be slathered on as Grease. Huzzah!

I love this. At times, it will surely feel non-thematic (the emphasis on the spelling of the effect is strange), but the eclectic nature that results is amazing and plows right over any theming issues.

Now, how am I going to make gold? Back to the lab.