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Hi! Paypal only? Can u add payment via credit card?

Hey! That might be an itch setting which I don't have any control over.
You can still get it through DriveThruRPG - let me know if this works for you

It worked, and now it doesn't, I mean automagically on Adobe Reader on Macos..

It only works on the desktop version of Acrobat (PC & Mac). It won't work in a browser, mobile, tablet, etc - those version of the application do not support either scripts or layers which BEstitchARY uses. Let me know if you are still facing any issues and I'll see how can I help.

oops, i was opening the wrong file,  not the Stitcherer

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Help I'm an American and I want to buy this but the price is in euros and I can't do anything! Is there anywhere I could buy this with my money? (I can't use Pay Pal)

Hey, it's also available on DriveThruRPG where the price is set to USD Let me know if this works!

It worked, thank you! Now all I need is a printer.

This thing is amazing!! Endless fun...

Thanks a lot! Any favourites so far?

The Squil was the first result of clicking on The Sticherer and it is amazing! I grabbed pink and blue sleeves today for when my printed copy arrives from Staples.

I'm partial to the Squichnape. Absolutely terrifying. I love it!


If you mix the top of the mosquito and the bottom of the shark, you get a creature called a Mork and i just think that's nifty.