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Could you confirm if the art is made using AI? 



Nope - just public domain resources and my natural stupidity. 

I love some good old public domain stupidity. ❤️

Neonon, Any chance you have expanded on The Collective yet? Could use a plot hook or three to torture my players with. Also teased them with only dealing with only half their current debt. Thanks!

Hey! I never intended to flesh the Collective out myself, leaving it open to interpretation whether they even existed in the first place. If I ever did though, it would be a group whose ideals seem right on the surface, tailored to people in your playgroup, but they have a hidden agenda of their own beneath all that - doing the right thing for wrong reasons kind of thing. Use the things your players can get behind as bait for tricking them into working for the collective, then it's up to you to decide if they get rewarded or heartbroken in the end.

Hello, are you able to offer a Community Copy of the game? I would be grateful. Thanks.

Any plans for print run?

Hey, not planning anything at the moment. Unfortunately CMYK would butcher the colours.

A consideration for future supplements - a more printer-friendly version would be great. Especially if there's no print run available and I'm printing this at home.


If you have CY_BORG and you don't have this already, I don't know what you're doing. This module has some outright terrifying psychological horror to get things messy. I'm already prepping to run this soon and I can't wait to see how it goes. 

My only qualm, without spoiling anything, is the encounter in the sewer. While hilarious, I think I'll need to flavor it a bit to make more sense. 

That said, I love the work put into this and I look forward to many more modules like this from NeonoN! 

Thank you - I'm looking forward to hearing how the sessions went! I appreciate the sewer encounter is a little bit out there, but I simply couldn't resist. I'm sure CY_BORG lore will be able to somehow handle it though ;)