Download Terror 1.02 HOTFIX + MAPS

Thanks to Chalkdown's keen eye, I was able to update the incorrect numbering in the room descriptions and all minimaps. As embarrassing as this was, it's a good lesson for the future to always have someone proofreading your final copy.

In addition, I uploaded 4 map files for online (colour) and offline (BW printer friendly) use, with and without labels. 
The maps are all rotated in a way that will make applying of the fog of war easier in your online tool of choice.


Download Terror 1.02 [PDF] 40 MB
May 28, 2022
Map BW Blank [PNG] 191 kB
May 28, 2022
Map BW [PNG] 213 kB
May 28, 2022
Map Colour Blank [PNG] 1 MB
May 28, 2022
Map Colour [PNG] 1 MB
May 28, 2022

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