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              Welcome to a bustling world full of wondrous creatures known
              as LIGMÀMON. Here, where every problem and dispute can and
              should be resolved through a LIGMÀMON battle, together with
              your friends you will seek adventures in ancient ruins, discover
              rare LIGMÀMON species, train to become a LIGMÀ League champion,
              or maybe even stop a shady criminal organisation in their tracks!


              In the download section below you will be able to find a brochure
              containing all the necessary information for new tamers such as
              yourself! It will allow you to describe your tamer style, generate
              your first LIGMÀMON, and teach you the basics of LIGMÀMON 

              Both the Full Colour and Printer Friendly versions of the brochure
              were prepared in a printable, foldable A4 format to give tamers a
              sensation of holding a real life LIGMÀDEX for maximum immersion.

              In the near future I plan to add more formats from other regions
              of the world, such as the oriental Letter format as well as a mobile
              friendly format. Please look forward to the future releases.


              "Rolling dice if for SUPER NERDS" I hear you cry and you are right.
              We live in the digital age now and every respectable tamer should
              have the entire knowledge of the LIGMÀVERSE at the tip of their
              fingers. Today I am proud to introduce the newest generation of our
              portable tamer console companions - the LIGMÀBOY! It is available
              for free in the DOWNLOAD section.

              With this cutting edge tool, you can generate new LIGMÀMON,
              including regional variants as well as stronger ALPHA and CHAD
              specimen simply by clicking a button. Now that's impressive!

              LIGMÀBOY requires any desktop version (PC/Mac) of the Acrobat 
              Reader software. Due to the scripting used, it will not work on the
              mobile and browser versions of the software.

              L - Generate regular LIGMÀMON
              A - Generate ALPHA LIGMÀMON (1 bonding ability)
              C - Generate CHAD LIGMÀMON (2 bonding abilities)

              D-PAD - Navigate the  LIGMÀDEX entries


              Q: In my games of LIGMÀMON, can I...?
              A: Yes!

              Q: What happens if someone other than a Cool Tamer tries
              to control two LIGMÀMON at the same time?
              A: They get jealous. Win a coin flip each turn or they will
              attack each other.

              Q: Can tamers other than Lab Aide obtain a LIGMÀDEX?
              A: Yes, but not through monetary means. It can be a reward
              for a job well done, something they find at the end of the
              criminal organisation's hideout, etc. It's a cool rare item!

              Q: Can players buy items other than the ones listed in the
              A: Yes. GM can introduce any number of new and gimmicky
              items, such as stat boosting medications, rare sweets which
              can make the bond grow stronger (test), LIGMÀSPHERES
              that work better on certain types of LIGMÀMON, etc.

              Q: Can I publish my own LIGMÀMON content?
              A: Yes. LIGMÀMON uses the CC BY 4.0 Licence. You are free
              to publish and sell your content free of charge as long as you
              comply with LIGMÀ RULE No. 1 ! If you need any help with
              the graphics, fonts, logo, etc, just give me a shout.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tagsgame, Game Boy, ligma, ligmamon, Monsters, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game


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Ligmàmon RPG (A4 Full Colour) 365 kB
Ligmàmon RPG (A4 BW Printer Friendly) 359 kB
Printable Ligmàmaniac Club Badge 16 kB
LIGMÀBOY - PDF Based Generator 1 MB

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Ran it yesterday in Polish for a pair of Ukrainian teenagers. It was the first threelingual game for me (Polish-Ukrainian-English) and the first RPG session for them. It went very well, they started thinking outside of the box right from the start and the random tables were more than enough to generate a short game about Team Ligma trying to awaken a destructive Ligmamon beneath ancient ruins. Thanks a lot for this game!

Comments like this warm my heart <3 Thank you!

Surprisingly elegant and compact design. The art looks great and helps sell the tone. Excellent use of tables for generation, and I really enjoy how the mechanics came together to make a light hearted monster catcher game. 


I'm glad you liked it and noticed the things that were important to me as well. It was a good decision to limit myself to a single A4 brochure in the end, because even though I had to cut some content, it forced me to get creative :)


My Cybone punched me in the crotch and stole my wallet. Is the game supposed to work like this?


Someone didn't buy a cool hat for their ligmapal.

A very cool idea! And very well executed! Congratulations!

Thank you! Always looking to improve so all comments are welcome :)

Simply the best pocket monster game there is! Can't wait to solo it!

Thank you and please report back!

This is so cool! I'm excited to play. Instant nostalgia. Clever design, nice execution, perfect visuals. 

Question: How do non-LAB AIDE characters get the LIGMÁDEX? Or is it intentional that they can't?

It's intentionally reserved to one class at the beginning and can't just be outright bought, but feel free to offer one to the players as a reward for rescuing a scientist from the BOFA SYNDICATE's hands. You can also add more items to the stores, that are not listed in the brochure (where I had limited space to work with). Gimmick spheres, different types of medicine, even escape rope if you manage to explain how that works! 

Makes sense! Cheers 🙂

what would the number 100 be? a special Ligmamon?

Ícone "Verificada pela comunidade"

The triumphant return of MISSINGNO!

For legal reasons it's called NoNo.

Open for interpretation! A legendary, a glitch, who knows? How the name sounds is also up to you. Maybe it's just static, random bzzzzt sounds, a melody.

Oh damn this pixel art is gorgeous! How did you make them yourself?

Thank you! It's a mix of public domain pictures, me doodling with my mouse, and some Photoshop filters (Mosaic, Posterize).