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Ran it yesterday in Polish for a pair of Ukrainian teenagers. It was the first threelingual game for me (Polish-Ukrainian-English) and the first RPG session for them. It went very well, they started thinking outside of the box right from the start and the random tables were more than enough to generate a short game about Team Ligma trying to awaken a destructive Ligmamon beneath ancient ruins. Thanks a lot for this game!

Comments like this warm my heart <3 Thank you!

Surprisingly elegant and compact design. The art looks great and helps sell the tone. Excellent use of tables for generation, and I really enjoy how the mechanics came together to make a light hearted monster catcher game. 


I'm glad you liked it and noticed the things that were important to me as well. It was a good decision to limit myself to a single A4 brochure in the end, because even though I had to cut some content, it forced me to get creative :)


My Cybone punched me in the crotch and stole my wallet. Is the game supposed to work like this?


Someone didn't buy a cool hat for their ligmapal.

A very cool idea! And very well executed! Congratulations!

Thank you! Always looking to improve so all comments are welcome :)

Simply the best pocket monster game there is! Can't wait to solo it!

Thank you and please report back!

This is so cool! I'm excited to play. Instant nostalgia. Clever design, nice execution, perfect visuals. 

Question: How do non-LAB AIDE characters get the LIGMÁDEX? Or is it intentional that they can't?

It's intentionally reserved to one class at the beginning and can't just be outright bought, but feel free to offer one to the players as a reward for rescuing a scientist from the BOFA SYNDICATE's hands. You can also add more items to the stores, that are not listed in the brochure (where I had limited space to work with). Gimmick spheres, different types of medicine, even escape rope if you manage to explain how that works! 

Makes sense! Cheers 🙂

what would the number 100 be? a special Ligmamon?

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The triumphant return of MISSINGNO!

For legal reasons it's called NoNo.

Open for interpretation! A legendary, a glitch, who knows? How the name sounds is also up to you. Maybe it's just static, random bzzzzt sounds, a melody.

Oh damn this pixel art is gorgeous! How did you make them yourself?

Thank you! It's a mix of public domain pictures, me doodling with my mouse, and some Photoshop filters (Mosaic, Posterize).