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What is this?

It's a simple TTRPG character value system for PCs and NPCs alike. It is based on Milton Rokeach's terminal value survey.

Available in PL  and ENG !

Why and when should I use it?

  • Use it to give your characters more depth by fleshing out the things they value most and least. Those things can drive their decisions or serve as a motivation for their actions. The value list helps by suggesting the things that you might not usually think about.
  • Use it as an easy reference for when the character needs to decide between two things, linked to different values. Are they able to sacrifice one for the other? Which one do they value most in the end?
  • Quickly determine whether the character cares about certain situations enough to risk their lives or health. Can they pass by when things they value most are at risk or will they feel the urge to act?
  • Fill in the survey yourself or with friends for fun. The outcomes might be surprising.

Other topics

Why the business card format?

I've heard it's popular with the modern youth and to quote them "Hella rad." Also, having small cards you can attach to your actual character sheet for reference seems like a good idea - let me know how wrong I am in the comments!

This looks like a lot of work!

The initial task of filling in the template might take you a few minutes to ponder and sort the values from 1 to 18, but once that is out of the way, it's as handy as it gets!

Is this compatible with my system?

Yes. It's entirely system agnostic and not linked to any specific mechanics (All you need is a d20). You can use it wherever you feel like a value system will add... value! Hell, you can even use it in Dungeons & Dragons to see whether you loot the corpse in the name of love or to secure the wellbeing of your family.


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Love or World Peace (PDF) BW 587 kB
Love or World Peace (PDF) Colour 591 kB
Love or World Peace (PDF) PL Kolor 595 kB
Love or World Peace (PDF) PL Szarości 596 kB

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