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God, that armor must smell FOUL

Great concept! One of my favourites for the potential role play hooks.

I have one doubt about the armors rules: when it is written "-D6+1", the absorbed damage should be "-(D6+1)" from -2 to -7 or "(-D6)+1" from 0 to -5? I think the first one but a question is free, so...

Hey, correct! The armours are supposed to be slightly better than their non magical counterparts, so it's -(d6+1) in your example. 

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We have a fugitive knight named Klaatubarada coming on stage in session 03 and so excited! session 03 notes link here, thanks so much for this awesome class!

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Hey, thanks! It's similar to the regular armour, so the DRX is a negative Agility modifier.

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Absolutely love this! It's so fitting for the world of MB and I can imagine the paranoia such a character has associating with other scum, tensly gripping his weapons hilt when some guard even asks the most basic of questions about the fugitives armor

Thank you! Taking a bath or swimming must be awkward for them as well. And imagine having more than one in your party...

Love this alternate class, really feels like a Falstaff, Gaffgarion, or Charles of Navarre. Fits in so nicely with the other classes, and plays so well against expectations. 10/10, using in my games.