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I love this! Do you have a printer friendly version (inverted black and white would be enough)?

Thank you! Unfortunately I don't have access to the original files to convert this (not to mention I made it in Krita, which I forgot how to use...). I googled "PDF invert color" and there are some free online tools which you can try playing with.

Just wanted to say that this s a really well done supplement. 

One of the first things I've done for MB! Thank you :)

I keep going back to this PDF when i write my own supplements and run my own games because it's the...
Go-To Mork Borg Weapon's Book!

This is really cool, I love the design. I'm all about the tables and the weapon table especially is awesome. Quick question about the 'Defense Fumble Crit Locations' image. I am not really certain what I am looking at. I get that each number is a location but I am confused as to what to do with most of the numbers. I'm not certain what most of the numbers would narratively mean vs the others. The teeth and temple make plenty of sense though.


Hey, I'm glad you liked it and thanks for your support!

I'm also sorry to disappoint you but the Defence Fumble section is mostly there as a joke :D unless you really want to show your players which section of their skull got fractured when they critically failer to avoid the incoming blow.

Ah that makes sense. I was wondering as I could not see the point of it really lol.